In the Sustain phase, our goal is to ensure the ongoing success and lasting impact of the network that we’ve built. We want the ecosystem to continue working together in a self-governing and sustainable way. By staying engaged with the network, we can establish new partnerships, keep advancing the solutions we’ve championed, and share information and resources with more people – All essential steps for creating real change in the system.

It’s essential to set up a network structure to keep momentum going. This structure provides a platform for the most committed and ready champions to work together toward systems change. They can coordinate the necessary resources and skills to ensure long-term success and growth. This sustainable approach allows the network to drive lasting change, adapt to challenges, and transform the system over time.


Galvanize Champions »

After completing the preceding phases, you should have a substantial network of stakeholders with a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the system.

Choose Modalities »

Choosing the right modalities for the network is crucial for effective collaboration and sustained engagement. Modalities refer to the network governance, structure, and platforms through which the network operates.

Leave Resources »

As the project progresses, it’s important to develop valuable resources that enable the network leaders and members to operate without the deep guidance of outside advisors.