At GKI, we strive to be the best versions of ourselves working each day to walk a path guided by our values.  Our values are a reflection of our aspirations as individuals and they are a statement about where our organization stands, what we believe in, and how we use them to guide our interactions and decisions with the people we collaborate with.


We believe people are the most important ingredient for transformational change; we assume good intentions and create space for people to show up as their whole selves; we nurture people, relationships, and opportunities for collaboration because we know that we are stronger together.


We see the potential for transformational change within ourselves and stand up to support it in the world, even when it’s hard; we act despite our fears, try new things, and acknowledge our mistakes; we show our courage through our humanity, vulnerability, and hard conversations.


We know that we must be inclusive to have the impact we seek; we actively pursue diversity in our work, our organization, and our outlook; we hold ourselves accountable to ongoing learning and concrete action to foster equity; we address our biases, the power dynamics within our organization and in our partnerships, projects, and spheres of influence.


We make the best decisions we can with the information we have, openly and transparently; we are guided by respect for ourselves and others, acting with humility, honesty, and empathy around strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges.


We celebrate exploration and experimentation, adapting as we go; we maintain a beginner’s mindset in our work, investing in opportunities for inquiry, learning, and growth; we create the space to teach and learn from one another.


We believe that anyone, anywhere is capable of transformational change and that we can achieve it through our actions, small and big; we pursue change through our work and our relationships with abundance, openness, joy, and play.