We recognize that building resilient systems requires both an understanding of the multi-faceted dynamics of systems and the opportunities to innovate and act collectively within them. Our programs engage a diverse set of stakeholders within the system through a collaborative journey that creates the clarity of purpose, relationships, and the momentum to accelerate innovative solutions.

Systems challenges and how we respond

  • Foster opportunities for interaction across traditional boundaries, siloes, and hierarchies.
  • Create communication channels that allow for multiple and meaningful interaction options, including face-to-face.
  • Identify and illuminate how different actors fit into the system and where there is consensus, competition, and opposition.
  • Establish a system-level goal that accounts for competing interests and reimagines how it can contribute to positive outcomes.
  • Seek out diverse perspectives and ideas when seeking solutions, designing, or implementing any actions to strengthen the system.
  • Build networks that mirror the diversity in the system and succeed in building a high degree of trust and shared power among actors.
  • Design, support, and reward structures that encourage innovation and co-creation of new solutions the system needs.
  • Establish opportunities to shift stagnant behaviors, rules, and processes to enable the adoption of innovations within the system.
  • Build processes and platforms that embrace the momentum generated by turbulence/flux and are prepared to respond.
  • Spark a sense of urgency among system actors during moments of crisis or in the face of looming threats.

Our Systems Innovation journey

Fostering the environment, mindset and the experiences that enable stakeholders across the system to cultivate the clarity of purpose, relationships, and momentum to accelerate the innovation needed to build more resilient systems.


Engage Stakeholders and
Facilitate Systems Sensing
Gather experiences from stakeholders to gain a holistic understanding of the system today and in the future.


Facilitate Networks and
Accelerate Solutions
Manage and facilitate ongoing stakeholder engagement, partnership formation, and solutions acceleration.


Adapt and Improve
Monitor change
through stakeholder
feedback and


Co-create the Strategic Plan
for Change
Create trust and buy-in by co-designing a strategy for collective action and collaboration with stakeholders.


Foster Innovation and Spark Collaboration
Recruit new partners and incentivize innovative solutions design,-build collaborations and networks.

Current Programs