At GKI, we gather insights from our stakeholders, communities, and experts, and work to bring complex information to life through data visualization and facilitated dialogue.  Our systems maps, innovation scans, and evaluation techniques spark conversation build a shared narrative, illuminate opportunities for action, and support collective learning about the interplay between interventions and impact. 

RESEARCH Tools and Approaches

  • Human Centered Design: Empathy Interviews
  • Systems Mapping: Causal Loop Diagrams
  • Futures Forecasting: Horizon Scanning
  • Systems Mapping: Social Network Analysis
  • Futures Forecasting: Delphi Technique
  • Evaluation: Developmental Evaluation
  • Futures Forecasting: Innovation Scan (™)
  • Evaluation: GKI Systems Change Framework (™)

Illustrative Projects

Systems Research

Systems-Driven Monitoring & Evaluation

Field-Building Research and Resources

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