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Finalist Feature: inSights

Written by inSights and GKI team members

The USAID-supported Accelerating Innovation for Resilience (AI4Resilience) Challenge supports the co-creation of solutions to strengthen the ecosystem for innovations fostering community-led humanitarian response and long-term resilience. The program is currently being piloted in Bangladesh. This article features one of ten solutions our Challenge Finalist organizations are designing and prototyping. Follow the AI4Resilience Challenge on LinkedIn.

To inSights, humanitarian actors are drawn to the funding and know-how that the private sector offers. Some remain hesitant about whether a profit motive compromises the ability to uphold humanitarian principles and operate in the most resource-scarce conditions.

inSights conducting a focus group discussion for The Conflict Perspective Social Conflict Analysis and Social Cohesion Programmatic Tools Development

The two sides lack a common vocabulary for their collaboration and humanitarian action. Analysis needs to focus on terminology and common language, values and principles, and how these can be negotiated and accommodated within increasingly diverse vulnerable and risk contexts.

“Greater appreciation is needed on the part of both the private sector and the humanitarian sector in relation to the importance of their respective motives and interests and how these affect their decisions about engaging with each other.”

inSights hopes to run a co-creation & innovation (C&I) model to reach the most vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. Private sector organizations rarely extend business in those higher-perceived-disaster-vulnerability-index areas, while NGOs implement disaster relief and humanitarian activities. Through their C&I model, they’ll run learning workshops and creatively engage with stakeholders from these vulnerable locations.

A group photo of inSights’ Advisors with strategic partner HAG at APMCDRR2022 in Brisbane, Australia

Follow along with inSights’s journey and their co-creation and innovation model on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page and with GKI’s social media channels.

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