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Report we’ve been excited to read: USAID’s 1st Water and Development Strategy

GKI Team members and farmers from Inuka Association examine a shallow well in Kitui County, Kenya

This week, the US Agency for International Development released its first ever Water and Development Strategy (2013-2018). We at the Global Knowledge Initiative were thrilled by this important step, both because of the importance of USAID’s leadership in international development and policy, and also because of the stake we have in sustainable access to and quality of water.

In Kenya, we are working with a team based at Kenyatta University – and with partners Kickstart, Kenya Rainwater Association, Kenyan university partners, and others – through our LINK (Learning and Innovation Network for Knowledge and Solutions) project to identify viable business models for rainwater harvesting. In Malaysia, we are beginning a project with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) to gather water challenges from Malaysian communities and bring together students, university researchers, and community members to develop solutions.

We salute USAID’s decision to release this important strategy, and we hope that together those of us working on this crucial issue will be able to improve access to – and quality of – water for all.

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