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Program Announcement: Ju-Yen & Linnar Teng Initiative (JLT)

Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI) has been on the cutting edge of systems thinking and locally-led innovation in international development since 2009. As a United States-based nonprofit, GKI aims to activate collaborative networks to deliver innovative solutions that build more resilient systems.

After receiving a bequest from the estate of Seattle residents Ju-Yen and Linnar Teng, GKI is building bespoke programming centered on shared challenges experienced by stakeholders with links to the U.S. and China. While GKI is early in program discovery activities, with the right partners, GKI intends to facilitate several projects involving Chinese and US entities that contribute to positive relations between the two countries and their people. 

Ju-Yen and Linnar Teng were born in China, immigrated to the United States in the 1960s from Taiwan, and resided most of their adult lives in Seattle, Washington. Ju-Yen spent his career as a cataloger of Chinese literature and artifacts at US university libraries, most notably concluding his career at the University of Washington’s East Asia Library. Linnar was also an academic with a Ph.D. in chemistry and was an active member of the Blessed Sacrament Parish in Seattle’s  University District.

At this early stage of the JLT Initiative design, GKI actively seeks advisors and amplifiers. This group will be instrumental in selecting the initiative’s focus areas, informing the direction of the work, and connecting GKI with relevant stakeholders and supporters. Commitment levels will range from occasional phone calls or social media shares to a seat on an advisory panel that meets semi-regularly. 

To learn more or get involved, please contact Program Manager Gabrielle Rivera at [email protected]. Follow GKI on LinkedIn for more announcements of future opportunities to get involved.

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