3 Gki Top 10 Tools For Collaborative Innovation Pdf

GKI Releases its Top 10 Tools for Collaborative Innovation

The premier challenges of today—mitigating climate change, ensuring energy security, reducing food loss—are complex and multi-sectoral.  They confound the efforts of individuals working alone.  Creating lasting solutions to these and other global problems requires the collective work of many problem solvers who pursue common goals and bring to bear their varied perspectives, resources, and areas of expertise.  We call such work Collaborative Innovation, and its pursuit is the driving force of the Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI).

Since its formation, GKI has discovered, developed, and deployed a number of Collaborative Innovation tools help problem solvers increase their effectiveness and impact.  As a primer on the tools we use and the benefits they bring, GKI has compiled a list of our Top 10 Tools for Collaborative Innovation. GKI has used these tools in a wide variety of global contexts, solving challenges in fields such as eco-health, agribusiness, and climate change, among scholars from places as diverse as Haiti, Tanzania, Pakistan, Rwanda, Kenya, France, Afghanistan, and the US.  Across this range of scenarios, in some of the most resources-strapped, high-stakes contexts imaginable, we have consistently found that these tools offer value, insight, and impact.  We share these tools on the condition that those who experiment with them share their feedback with us so that together we may build an ever-improving treasure trove of tools to empower the world’s 7 billion solvers.

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