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Announcing new partnership with Rwanda National Commission of Science and Technology

New construction in downtown Kigali. Photo: GKI

The Government of Rwanda has taken a bold step by inaugurating a National Commission of Science and Technology (NCST) to advise on, monitor and evaluate, and coordinate science, technology, and innovation (STI) related activities across Rwanda’s economy. The Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI) believes that robust, well-planned STI investments and coordination can drive sustained economic development, so it is with great excitement that we announce that GKI has been selected as a partner to assist NCST in developing its Five-Year Strategic Plan. Applying its expertise in strengthening innovation systems as well as a demonstrated commitment to Rwanda’s socio-economic development, GKI will assist NCST in developing and vetting this guiding document.

To set this process in motion, GKI Program Officer Andrew Gerard traveled to Rwanda in May 2014 to assess and map STI-related programs taking place in Rwanda’s economy relevant to NCST.  Andrew conducted interviews with key stakeholders throughout the public and private sector, including experts in agriculture, energy, education, and other sectors to identify demand for STI services and to understand how to deliver on this demand. Armed with these insights, GKI will next carry out an analysis designed to guide the NCST on how to maximize strengths, overcome weaknesses, seize available opportunities, and avoid threats.  We will then work with NCST staff to develop a Five-Year Strategic Plan.  Given the strong trajectory of STI activity in Rwanda and the mutual commitment to leveraging its power for economic development, GKI anticipates a sustained, fruitful, and rewarding partnership with NCST.

Contributors: Caroline Smeallie and Andrew Gerard

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