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GKI Tackles Global Food Loss

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Ghanaian experts identify key bottlenecks to preventing post-harvest losses.
Photo Credit: GKI

Fact: one third of food harvested globally never reaches the plates of consumers. Food loss occurring between harvest and consumption caused by waste and spoilage threatens farmers’ livelihoods; consumers’ access to nutritious food; and vital, limited resources like land and water.  To combat the challenge of food loss, The Rockefeller Foundation’s Global Food Waste and Spoilage initiative aims to help millions of African smallholder farmers achieve greater income and economic opportunities through reducing post harvest loss.

As one of The Rockefeller Foundation’s Global Engagement Network Innovation Labs, the Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI) has been working to identify clearer opportunities, more capable stakeholders, and more transformative approaches to reducing food loss in developing countries. Over the past three months, GKI convened workshops in six countries – Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria and the United States – drawing more than 120 participants from all aspects of the food value chain to identify innovative solutions for reducing post harvest loss. For more information on this work, read about GKI’s global scan of post harvest innovations.

Food loss pic 2
Opportunities for combating post-harvest losses identified in Kenya
Photo Credit: GKI
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Participants in Nigeria discuss post-harvest solutions with the potential to be “Big Wins”
Photo Credit: GKI
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Experts in Malaysia identify actors and their influence on specific solutions.
Photo Credit: GKI

Contributors: Amanda Rose, Srujana Penumetcha, and Courtney O’Brien

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