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GKI and GAIN Jointly Publish Foresight Report on Innovation for more Nutritious, Sustainable Food Systems

Washington, DC USA: The Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI), in partnership with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) recently launched a new report, Nutritious Food Foresight, which details the most effective strategies for advancing triple bottom line goals of human, economic, and environmental well-being in emerging market food systems over the next five years. This report is based on the findings of a six-month research journey that engaged more than 50 experts in the fields of food and nutrition to explore where innovation and investment can be most impactful in food systems. 

This process highlighted four high potential opportunities, along with twelve specific innovations that map to these opportunity areas, that the development and social impact investment communities should focus on over the next five years. These opportunities are:

  • Sustainable production,
  • Proximate processing solutions,
  • Supply chain transparency, and
  • Adaptive cooling systems. 

Together, the innovations highlighted in the report offer a comprehensive approach to investing in improved food systems. We offer insights on how these solutions can be adapted to local contexts, considerations for business models that harness these approaches, and the partnership needs that are needed to achieve impact at scale. 

Read the full report here: Nutritious Food Foresight: Twelve ways to invest in good food for emerging markets

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