Picture Preview: LINK Training in Uganda

GKI staff had a fantastic time training LINK IV Winners and Finalists in Uganda and South Africa in June 2014.  We are inspired by these fantastic innovators.  We’ll be posting more on these trainings in the coming weeks, but for now we’re sharing these photos from the training in Uganda.

Image 3
LINK IV Winner, Dr. Geofrey Arinaitwe, General Manager of BioCrops Uganda Limited, sharing his vision for BioCrops and LINK. Photo Credit: GKI
Image 4
Theo Kirungi, a BioCrops team member, identifies key influencers that will be critical to the success of the BioCrops LINK team. Photo Credit: GKI
Working and training on building team ethos, LINK teams compete in an highly interactive activity called the Marshmallow Challenge. Photo Credit: GKI
Image 1
LINK trainees and GKI staff at the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology. Photo Credit: GKI
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