Our Statement on Black Lives Matter


GKI is appalled by the ongoing brutal actions of the police against the African American community and people of color.  GKI supports the view that there is systemic racism in the USA. Policies, practices,  resource allocations, power dynamics, and racist mental models perpetuate inequality and the violent actions of the police.  

We stand in solidarity with those on the frontlines working to combat state-sponsored violence and systemic racism. We encourage you to check out the websites of these organizations that are working tirelessly to bring about positive change and support them in any way you can:

Black Lives Matter

Color of Change

Movement for Black Lives

As an organization, GKI is committed to anti-racism, equity, and inclusion. We are in the process of reviewing our policies and practices to ensure we are adhering to current best practices. Here are some resources we are using to achieve this:

Equity in the Center

Racial Equity Tools

National Council of Nonprofits

Equity Meets Design

GKI is exploring opportunities to work in partnership with others to support efforts to dismantle the barriers to equality and identify leverage opportunities within the system to bring about positive change. From our work to combat poverty and marginalization in countries overseas, we understand the familiar patterns that lead to discrimination, exclusion, and poverty. Over the next couple of months, as we define actions we will take as an organization, we will reach out to organizations to form alliances to lend our support to the efforts to heal and bring about the shifts that are needed to achieve racial equality abroad and in the United States, and we will use our influence to speak up about how systemic discrimination is present and can be addressed within the impact community.  

 In solidarity,
Global Knowledge Initiative

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