Strengthening Cross-Sector Collaboration for Disaster Resilience

The Caribbean is experiencing an unprecedented increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme climate events.  In the past 20 years, the region has sustained more than 300 natural disasters – storms, earthquakes, floods, and droughts – causing significant financial and human losses. All actors are impacted, governments, the private sector, and communities, yet the challenges of collaboration and coordination between stakeholders across the ecosystems are limited and often reactive. 

The Caribbean Corporate Investment Initiative (CCIR) Coalition is a collaboration platform, designed by and for governments, businesses and communities across the Caribbean, to come together to identify, develop and scale innovative, sustainable solutions to systemic challenges around disaster resilience. Starting with systems sensing and co-design, GKI facilitated private sector and humanitarian actors across the Eastern Caribbean archipelago to collectively map the dynamics of the systems, clarify the future state envisioned and identified strategic opportunities for systems transformation.  

Now through the summer of 2023, with support from USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, we will launch and build the coalition and its capacity to identify and source transformative solutions to shift the system, while fostering long-term, value-driven partnerships between the private sector and humanitarian actors to accelerate and scale them across the region.

GKI is actively seeking partners and collaborators. For more information, email the program team at