Katherine Haugh


Katherine Haugh joined the Global Knowledge Initiative in 2020 as a Senior Advisor for Organizational Learning. At GKI she leads a wide-ranging portfolio of work focused on systems change strategies across the development sector with an emphasis on collaborative facilitation, innovation, and learning. Katherine is a monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) expert with nearly a decade of experience designing and facilitating events that fuel co-creation and collaborative innovation among diverse stakeholder groups. She brings expertise in USAID’s Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) Framework and is skilled in leading CLA activities, coaching individuals and teams on how to integrate CLA into their existing processes and team culture, and creating actionable CLA resources. Katherine has over a decade of experience in conducting research and is particularly skilled in synthesizing large amounts of information and distilling key findings into engaging, easy-to-understand data visualizations, animations, and infographics. She is also a certified graphic recorder and facilitator with the International Forum for Visual Practitioners. As a certified facilitator, Katherine is passionate about thinking creatively about how to design and facilitate events that enable learning and connection in a fun and engaging way. At GKI, Katherine supports network engagement through facilitation and relationship management, helps to create and nurture a positive and innovative team culture, and advises on programs related to monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning, data visualization, organizational learning, collaborative facilitation, and strategy design. 

Katherine comes to GKI from the USAID LEARN team where she worked as a Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL) Specialist. In her role, Katherine was responsible for driving USAID LEARN’s internal learning practice, supporting USAID Missions in their CLA practices, and advising her team and USAID colleagues on adaptive MERL practices. Prior to her role at USAID LEARN, Katherine worked at Innovation Network. In her role, she evaluated non-profit programs and advised Foundations on strategies for creating and sustaining social impact. 

In her free time, Katherine enjoys hiking, hosting long form dinners, and inspiring creativity and confidence in young ones. She is an aspirational rock climber and gets a lot of energy from being outside and tending to her plants indoors (when she can keep them alive!).