Avery Ouellette

Managing Director

Avery is a senior technical specialist, team leader, master facilitator, and reflective practitioner that can turn theory into action while creating new insights. She brings over 20 years of experience across 30 different countries, facilitating creative processes to address complex development issues through strategic collaborations.

Prior to GKI, she served as the Senior Learning Advisor for USAID/Uganda where she led the Mission’s efforts to transform itself into an adaptive learning organization and embed collaboration, learning, and adaptation (CLA) into its $2 billion portfolio. She also served as a Senior Partnership Advisor with USAID, leading their Private Sector Engagement (PSE) research agenda and designing effective models for multi-stakeholder partnerships. She has also directed and managed teams on multi-year and short-term assessments and evaluations for USAID, Cisco Systems, and the Global Environment Facility. She specializes in developing measurement approaches to understand systems level changes and impacts.

She holds a Masters in Regional Planning degree from Cornell University, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Complex Organizations from Mount Holyoke College. Avery is also the co-owner and manager of OMG Acres, a 330-acre farm and forest retreat in West Virginia.