Building networks that deliver high-impact solutions

Globally, more and more people appreciate that networks offer unmatched value in tackling development challenges. But figuring out how to organize and manage a network presents a challenge in itself. For those who want to start a new network, GKI helps network organizers figure out what they want to achieve, and how to design a network to meet those goals. We also help existing networks identify how they can improve their performance. Whether designing a one-day workshop or a multi-year network strategy, our facilitation and design practice is focused on the same goal: fueling networks’ success.

Network Facilitation and Design Initiatives


  • Putting Business to Work: Policy Interventions for a Nutritious Food System
    GKI’s Policy Brief examines successful public sector initiatives that enable businesses to increase the availability of nutritious foods in markets
  • Locally-Led Development: Effective Problem-Solving by Increasing Capabilities of Local Networks
    This concept note provides a short overview of network-based problem solving and proposes a set of activities that we believe succeed in bringing together local communities into strong problem-solving networks.
  • Network Facilitation and Design Overview
    An overview of GKI’s Network Facilitation and Design Program, inclusive of case studies and areas for partnership
  • Learning Brief on Proximate Processing (PDF)
    GKI’s Learning Brief on innovative business models and technologies for bringing processing closer to the point of production
  • Learning Calls: Key Takeaways (PDF)
    Key takeaways from two Learning Calls facilitated by GKI on the topics of supply chain integration and food safety