Clarifying insights and analysis about systems dynamics

Innovation does not occur in a vacuum. A great number of system features and interactions – educational, cultural, political – bear on the innovation process. GKI helps decision makers analyze and understand systems such that they better weigh options and make more informed decisions. GKI specializes in analyzing system features and interactions, mapping the DNA of challenges, and recommending ways to optimize projects and programs amidst complex systems. Our team also develops new frameworks, tools, and methodologies aimed at improving the art and science of systems analysis globally.

Insights and Analysis Initiatives


  • SPACES South Africa Report
    Final report outlining findings and recommendations for the ASELPH Programme and the USAID South Africa Mission to consider.
  • USAID SPACES Consortium
    A description of the systems approaches, methods, and tools used by the USAID SPACES Consortium
  • Systems Leadership Skills Builder
    A graphical overview of how to build the skills to engage in Systems Leadership
  • Leadership Styles for Systems Change
    GKI’s simple way to differentiate Systems Leadership from other forms of leadership
  • An Introduction to Systems Leadership
    An introduction to the concept, case studies, skills, and learning journeys that support Systems Leadership