Ritse Erumi

Doctoral Fellow

Ritse serves as a doctoral fellow at GKI focusing on programs such as YieldWise and the Strategic Program for Analyzing Complexity and Evaluating Systems (SPACES). She manages and supports program engagements, through the development of innovation capacity building projects, the integration of systems thinking within projects, and research. Ritse brings many years working in international development and implementing digital development and change initiatives. She is passionate about fostering inclusive innovation and understanding how innovation systems can be built and catalyzed to address complex development problems.

Ritse came to GKI from SpacePointe, where she developed strategy and provided guidance on digital innovation for emerging and base-of-the-pyramid (BOP) markets. Prior to this, Ritse worked for Synergy International, where she developed and managed the integration of digital solutions into programmatic initiatives for organizations various development actors. Ritse holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and a graduate degree in Management and Information Systems from the University of Manchester (UK). She is currently pursuing a doctorate exploring the role innovation and digital technologies play in socio-economic development. A lover of all things indie, Ritse is always on the lookout for a good independent coffeehouse.