Pyotr Kurzin

Summer Associate

Contact Pyotr: Pyotr(at)gkinitiative(dot)org

Pyotr is a recent addition to GKI. He supports GKI’s current and prospective projects through research on futures foresight and strategic innovation, producing knowledge products to keep GKI staff informed on best practices in these domains. His research is being compiled into a design guide to inform future GKI projects that utilize futures foresight methodologies. Pyotr also supports wider organizational initiatives to expand the scope of GKI’s reach and improve the effectiveness of its operations and projects.

Pyotr has long held a passion for earth’s systems and people’s relationship to it. He possesses a Joint-Honours BSc in Demographics & Geography from the University of Southampton. He is currently obtaining his MA at Johns Hopkins SAIS, concentrating in Strategic Studies and International Economics, with a minor in European Studies. He is also attempting to learn Spanish. Pyotr enjoys travel having visited over 70 countries as he believes seeing the world is the best way to appreciate it. For leisure, Pyotr has diverse interests including singing and dancing, yoga, water-sports, and blogging.