Kerstin Tebbe

Senior Adviser


Kerstin is a GKI partner with more than 15 years of experience providing support for network leaders and staff. As a consultant, Kerstin has supported networks and multi-stakeholder initiatives such as including the IASC Global Education Cluster, the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), the Whole of Syria Education Cluster, and the Lake Victoria Basin Commission with strategy design, program review, and facilitation support. Kerstin’s organizational development experience includes three years as a lead facilitator/trainer for the World Bank’s “Organizational Knowledge Sharing” (OKS) program working with public sector agencies and partners across Africa and Asia to scale organizational change processes for increased operational effectiveness. Previously, Kerstin spent 6.5 years on the Secretariat for the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) in three roles. For INEE, she first coordinated an international technical working group of NGO, UN, and donor agencies and then established a pan-African knowledge hub, working with stakeholders to launch an East Africa technical working group and reestablish an intergovernmental mechanism for policy coordination across Ministries of Education. In her final role, she served as Deputy/Acting Director for the network, designing and managing the network’s yearlong, global visioning and strategic planning process.

Early in her career, Kerstin backstopped US-government funded international development projects including a regional five-country multi-partner project to reduce child labor across Southern Africa. Kerstin’s passion for networks led her to recently establish a “network of networks” called Collective Mind to provide professional development for network leaders and staff.