Jacquelin Tancredi

Junior Program Officer

Contact Jaquelin: JTancredi(at)gkinitiative(dot)org

Jacquelin Tancredi is a Junior Program Officer and supports Capacity Development at GKI. Jacquelin brings her experience in international development to GKI, customizing facilitation and training engagements for organizations and teams addressing complex global challenges. She believes in and lives by the idea that every interaction starts a chain reaction and she brings her experience in research and facilitation to her work.

Jacquelin’s international experience began in Latin America where she worked with local organizations in Mexico, Panama, and Peru addressing extreme poverty and maximizing sustainable solutions in health, education, and human rights. Most recently, Jacquelin moved her regional focus to the Middle East while working with UN Women. She holds a BFA in Architecture from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and a Master of Science in International Relations from Northeastern University.

Jacquelin grew up near New York City and its culture and fast pace built the foundation of her curiosity to discover what else the world had to offer. Nothing brings Jacquelin more joy than dance, food, the beach, and travel; ideally all at the same time.