Gurnimrat Sidhu


Contact Gurnimrat: Gurnimrat(at)gkinitiative(dot)org

Gurnimrat joined GKI in 2018 and supports the Policy and Strategy Program through research, critical analysis, and ideation on innovations. Currently, she is helping design a strategy to target high-impact innovations to tackle malnutrition in low-income countries. Gurnimrat is also uncovering opportunities to reduce post-harvest loss, a systemic challenge that impedes realization of the Sustainable Development Goals, through programs such as Network Design and Facilitation and Capacity Development.

Gurnimrat seeks to address global challenges – namely education and science diplomacy – through science-based programming and policy design. This ambition evolved after her service in Peace Corps Liberia where she taught math and chemistry. Gurnimrat’s most successful projects included organizing the first post-Civil Conflict National Science Fair and the first Liberian Girls’ Leading Our World camp. After Peace Corps, she served on the board of various nonprofit organizations, worked in private R&D, and co-authored peer-reviewed publications as an academic research scientist. Gurnimrat studied Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and earned a Master of Science in Biophysics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is also a proud National Outdoor Leadership School alum, and spends much of her free time exploring trails, performing at story slams, and visiting West African and South Asian restaurants in the DMV area.