Frank Brady

Founder and CEO, Medical Missions for Children, US

Mr. Frank Brady is a co-founder, along with his wife Peg, of Medical Missions for Children and serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees and CEO. He serves on the Program Committee of Operation Smile and as a Trustee of the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation. Mr. Brady spent most of his professional career with CGE, a French conglomerate. He organized projects and arranged financing for international business consortiums composed of major European, Asian and American companies who partnered on large international contracts.

Medical Missions for Children (MMC) provides telemedicine services for children in 108 countries and since 1999 has helped more than 25,000 children with both diagnostic and treatment consults. In 2003, the MMC Mission Statement was expanded to include “transferring medical knowledge from those who have it to those who need it”. This resulted in the launching of a FCC licensed Global Television Network, the Medical Broadcasting Channel (MBC), the Global Video Library of Medicine, and Giggles Children’s Theater. Additionally, MMC produces four health related television programs for the PBS Network to further patient awareness.