Annual Report

At the Global Knowledge Initiative, our mission is to build purpose-driven networks to deliver innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. We thrive on creating the enabling environment, the mindset, and the tools that facilitate Collaborative Innovation, which is the act of combining efforts and sharing complementary resources to create, test, and implement innovative ideas. In 2015 and 2016 GKI reached more people and tackled more global challenges than ever before. We continue to be inspired by our team of partners and supporters around the world.

Take a look at what we’ve done together!


In 2015/2016, GKI grew to include initiatives in 14 countries!

By The Numbers


Miles GKI Team/staff traveled to build collaboration between global innovators and problem solvers


Distinct initiatives to support innovation policy and strategy in Rwanda alone


Hours spent by staff to facilitate and build networks


We’re passionate about working on complex problems that affect the lives of millions of people around the world. In the last 2 years, GKI has played a role in tackling a variety of these challenges previously considered too difficult to solve. We’ve helped innovators locate critical resources such as expertise and technologies and connect global networks to solve challenges in agriculture, economic inequality, and education. Learn more about some of our work on the challenges that affect people in poor and vulnerable communities worldwide:

GKI in Action:
A Video on our Work in the Coffee Sector in Rwanda

What happens when you introduce the power of an innovation competition with the reach and capability of a problem-solving network? You enable a strong global community of partners to identify innovative solutions to a serious challenge. In 2016, GKI created its first short video, highlighting our work in the Rwanda coffee industry achieved through LINK, our flagship Network and Design Facilitation initiative. This video describes the work that earned GKI’s LINK program the distinction of “Top 100 Innovations for the Next 100 Years” from The Rockefeller Foundation.

Looking Forward

Innovation must be imagined and designed with, not for, people confronting development challenges in their daily lives. GKI is committed to unleashing Collaborative Innovation for sustainable impact, inspired by the strides being taken by the international development community in which we operate. With this guiding vision, we are excited to share our goals for 2017 that aim to address challenges in agriculture, health, education, and climate change:

  • Train an additional 1,000 global problem solvers

    GKI has already trained over 1,000 global problem solvers on innovation, systems, networks, and collaboration. By supporting the skills development of global innovators and entrepreneurs who work primarily in low-income and resource strapped communities, we want to help more people bring their ideas to fruition and elevate their communities out of poverty.

  • Develop 5 new international problem-solving networks poised to tackle challenges with science, technology, and innovation:

    Working with the Australian Department of Affairs and Trade in the Asia Pacific, The Rockefeller Foundation in Africa, and many other partners, GKI is helping organizations build a new kind of problem-solving, collaborative network capable of taking innovations from idea to impact.

  • Scale our Social Innovation Lab model:

    GKI wants to build 10 new Social Innovation Labs aimed at 10 major global challenges in agriculture, climate, health, and education. We will help teams learn the mindset, tools, and methods that make Social Innovation Labs such a powerful approach for collaborative problem solving across geographic, sectoral, and cultural boundaries.


With each year, we find more reasons to be thankful for you, our partners. From your ideas to your partnership, your spirit of creativity to your contributions, you’ve supported GKI in so many powerful ways. We couldn’t do any of this without you. We look forward to many more years together, innovating a better future through Collaborative Innovation!