Now Accepting Applications: Director of Collaboration and Outreach, USAID/Uganda Learning Contract

January 18, 2018

Director of Collaboration and Outreach, USAID/Uganda Learning Contract

The Project: GKI is recruiting for an anticipated USAID contract in Uganda focused on increasing Uganda’s understanding of and skill set for collaborating, learning and performance improvement in order to enhance the impact and sustainability of USAID-supported contributions to Uganda’s development. The Project is anticipated to last five years, and will be based in Kampala.

The Project has three objectives, one of which involves collaboration, “Strengthened internal and external collaboration that will enable the USAID/Uganda Mission to better leverage expertise, learning and resources, and deepen local ownership of development efforts.”

The Position: The Director of Collaboration and Outreach will have primary responsibility, working closely with the project team’s Chief-of-Party, to achieve the collaboration objective. In addition, the incumbent will have a key role to play in fostering collaboration within the project team (particularly the two other objective sub-teams), and with another related Mission project implemented concurrently involving organizational development.

Among the results the incumbent will hold primary responsibility for are:

  • Mechanisms to support robust external collaboration between USAID Mission technical offices, USAID implementing partners, Ugandan partners including government bodies, non-governmental organizations including universities, the private sector, and other donors designed, developed and operationalized
  • USAID thought leadership in Ugandan and international development fora increase
  • Collaboration enhanced to realize new solutions to Uganda’s development challenges, particularly focused on STIP (Science, Technology, Innovation and Partnership) and utilizing USAID’s Global Development Lab (GDL) model
  • Strengthen the Mission’s efforts to integrate innovation throughout its entire portfolio under the current Country Development and Cooperation Strategy (CDCS)

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in a relevant field such as communications, organizational development, business administration, science and technology fields
  • Eight years of direct experience (or some combination thereof) involving communications, partnership-building, co-creation and innovation, small-grant administration
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with setting up and managing cutting-edge communication and collaboration tools such as social media platforms, interactive websites, webinars and blogs, etc.

Other Preferred Experience, Skills and Attributes:

  • Demonstrated experience and skills building partnerships with the private sector and other donors (e.g., USAID’s Global Development Alliance (GDA) and Frontier Partnerships programs)
  • At least three years living and working in developing country environments (PCV experience welcomed)
  • Demonstrated skills in and experience with utilizing critical, design and /or systems thinking to address challenges and foster innovative solution sets
  • Experience with co-creation efforts in the private, non-profit or governmental sector(s)
  • Out-going (“people person”) and creative personality
  • Experience managing USAID small-grants programs

This position is contingent on award. If you are interested in the role, please send a resume and cover letter to